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Dr. Deborah Willis-Fillinger (Dr. Deb.)


Dr. Deb (as she is known by many) is the Former Public Health Internal Medicine Physician and Acting Director in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The White House, Washington D.C. Previously she was also National Health Service Corps Physician, Director of Region V National Health Service Corps, Director of HRSA Midwest Field Operations, Medical Advisor HRSA Center for Quality, Director HRSA AIDS Education Programs, Acting Director HRSA Office of Minority Health, Health Equity, Medical Advisor HIV AIDS Community Based Programs,

CAPT U.S. Public Health Service.

In her previous patient practice, she was Former Resident Physician, Internal Medicine at Henry

Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan as well as Medical Executive Director at New City Community

Health Center.

As a graduate of University of Illinois Chicago, Dr Deb went on to have a very fulfilled career in

the aforementioned positions, but something was missing. Though she is trained in traditional

western medicine, she believes that eastern and naturopathic medicine practices and an

epigenetic approach to body wellness, is the medicine of the future. She has seen the

combination of traditional and naturalistic approaches with her patients over the years having

the best results in their care and disease prevention and healing. She believes in enhancing the

body’s ability to heal itself with the right assistance of care. Although she is retired from

medical practice, she continues her passion of advocating patient health and natural medicine.


Press Mentions

  • Statement by HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Health Center Week -- August 10th, 2021
  • Biden-Harris Administration Provides $20 Million to Support Native Hawaiian Health Care - August 14th, 2021
  • Readout of HHS Secretary Becerra’s Bilateral Meeting with Guatemalan Minister of Health - August 7th, 2021

Comment on Dr. Deb by the Founder

“Dr. Deb is not only a friend but one of the best doctors I have worked with. She has a very

nurturing and humble demeanor despite being so accomplished. She has helped me through

my various health challenges with supportive care which has helped guide my continuous

journey toward healing. My marked improvements would not have been as drastic without her

naturalistic approaches. I appreciate her healthy balance between telling me when I need to

adhere to a traditional approach and when I should consider a naturopathic approach. We have

grown together in a healthy patient/doctor relationship where I feel heard and considered. She

has even been open to hearing research-based information I have presented to her. This is a

gem to find; a doctor who listens to and considers that patients know their bodies, and are

willing to work with their science-based findings. When she retired, I told her “No!” because the

world needs more doctors like her. In her usually style, she graciously agreed to support the

Ecovici community.”


Dr. Deb is here to support the Ecovici community by answering questions about your medical

approaches and recommending others. She does advise that you always consult your own

healthcare provider as she is not your personal physician and does not have access to your lab

results and appropriate tests. All advice she gives is considered “food for thought” and not

advisable for you to follow without checking with your own personal physician for your

personal care regardless of whether they are a traditional doctor, naturopathic physician or DO

(doctor of osteopathic medicine).

Ecovici assumes no liability for any suggestions you receive or follow for your own personal

medical care. Ecovici is not a medical practice. Proceed with advice at your own risk.